06 March 2019

20,000 more care workers needed in Wales by 2030


Wales is facing a carer staffing crisis, needing thousands of more people to work in caring roles with adults and children by 2030 if it is to keep pace with the growing demand for essential care services. 

WeCare: A new social care recruitment campaign for Wales 

To attract more people to work in care, a national campaign called WeCare was launched this week. 

The WeCare campaign, led by Social Care Wales, will highlight the breadth of career opportunities in care.

Currently, around one in 17 adults in Wales works in social care or early years and childcare.

Increasing life expectancy: a growing problem

The campaign will highlight the breadth of career opportunities in care, from childminders and nursery practitioners to home care coordinators and care home managers.As more people in Wales live longer, more will have specific healthcare requirements that require support inside and outside the home. Projections indicate that around 20,000 more employees will be needed over the next 10 years[1] to answer the growing demands of the population.

The WeCare campaign aims to show the variety of roles and career progression opportunities available. By using real care workers, the campaign focuses on the challenges they face, as well as what makes their work rewarding and worthwhile.

Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan, said: 

“In Wales, we are fortunate to have a team of highly-committed and dedicated social care, early years and childcare professionals who go above and beyond every day. From caring and helping our youngest children to develop and thrive, to providing support and compassionate care to adults and older people, they make a huge difference to people’s lives. But we need more people to consider these highly rewarding careers.

“That’s why I’m delighted to support the new WeCare campaign. It’s been designed to showcase the opportunities social care, early years and childcare sectors can offer to all those with the right caring skills and qualities and the support which is available to help them develop and nurture their skills to support the people they assist live full and active lives.

“I am grateful to Social Care Wales and their partners, particularly care workers who have shared their experiences, for their work on this campaign. I hope their stories will inspire people to become our next generation of carers, childcare practitioners, childminders and care assistants.”

We have vacancies for healthcare professionals in Wales. (Cardiff, Colwyn Bay and Swansea.) 

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