21 November 2018

Client feedback on our Healthforce Heroes


We love receiving client feedback. Regularly receiving compliments about our nurses and carers underlines the quality work our nurses and carers do every day.

Whether you work for Newcross, or if you're thinking about using our services in the future, here are some of the wonderful compliments we've received over the past few months for you to enjoy reading...

Barnstaple 15/11/2018

"Jane from The Meadows explained that Gaynor is a senior's dream and that her knowledge and experience is incredible. They love Gaynor working with them and hope that she can cover more shifts with them in the future."

Bath 10/11/2018

"Ralph who we had on at the weekend was totally amazing considering it was the first time here. I was even called at home to say how amazing she was."

Bristol-Complex Care 13/11/2018

"Maria was complimented on being 100% reliable providing an excellent service and being very conscientious. Faith says that if any other carers were to be introduced Maria has set a high bar for them to work to."

Chester 27/10/2018

"Evonne the manager called through shifts and wanted to pass on how good Joanne was who worked on Saturday night. Evonne the manager had been in Saturday evening and met her and said the amount she had remembered about the residents from handover was outstanding and she got on really well."

Durham 16/11/2018

"HCA Snr Kerry was on shift at Paddock Stile Manor on Sunday 04/11/18 when a service user passed away.  Karl was extremely impressed with the way Kerry handled the situation.  She called him at home and when he asked if she wanted him to come in she said no and had already done everything that needed to be done. Karl's own seniors would have called and asked him to go into work to deal with the situation. Karl said he knew that his service was safe in Kerry's hands and that he could rely on her completely to do the right thing and whatever was necessary."

IOW-Complex Care 04/11/2018

"Attended George Burton's home with Alexandria as she is a new member of staff to this package to sign her off if competent for the changing of George's tracheostomy and feeding through the NG tube.Rachel was most complementary and stated that Alex was an asset to the team. She had been great and fitted in with the family really well."

Leeds 07/11/2018

"Following a service visit with Rachel the manager of the home she wanted me to pass on her praise for Cleo the night staff thought she was excellent. Very hands on willing to work hard and a great asset to Newcross. I spoke with Cleo she loved her shift there and is looking forward to working there again."

Plymouth 11/11/2018

"Lyndsey from Torr home called in and wanted to let us know that Jayhan worked yesterday and he was absolutely brilliant she said one of the best agencies they've ever had so kind and great with resident hard working and   pleasure. They would be happy to have him back anytime and would like future shifts for us to ask Jayhan."

Taunton-Complex Care 14/11/2018

"We had Kelly in shift last night and I wanted to give some feedback. Kelly was amazing with Finley and did everything that was needed. Alerted myself at the correct point and also I let Kelly administer the midazolam with my support. She did great. Just wanted to pass on my positive feedback and to say thank you to Kelly for looking after him so well."

Taunton-Complex Care 19/11/2018

"Outstanding feedback of support given to FJ while supporting at school. The class teacher was very complimentary of Sonja as was NOK and the schools Health and Well being lead."

Torquay-Complex Care 13/11/2018

"Linda was supporting the branch with competencies in the absence of our clinical lead. She was very impressed with the practice she saw out in the clients homes. She said the carers were receptive competent and confident. She said they were extremely caring and lovely. It is a vocation for our carers not a job."

Torquay-Complex Care 01/11/2018

"Stuart called the office to say how well Louise is getting on in the package and how much of a credit she is to Newcross."

Torquay-Complex Care 07/11/2018

 (Client) called the office to say how well Julia is getting on in the package and how much of a credit she is to Newcross.

Truro 31/10/2018

"Simon covered a long day shift at Anchor and they wanted to give positive feedback. Vanda sent in an email to say that the Team leader on with Simon during his first shift with them said he worked really hard and that over all he was very good and they are keen for him to come back again."

Yeovil 07/11/2018

"Sam called to advise Marie has been doing great work during their shift yesterday she was left to lone work as their member of staff hadn't turned up and she had really connected with the service user."

Yeovil-Complex Care 10/11/2018

"Jenny came into the branch to thank us Jenny came in to thank us for the care we showed her grandmother Marion Matthews and the professionalism with which we handled everything. She particularly wanted to thank Diana who was with her grandmother when she passed."

Hamilton 13/11/2018

"We have been more than happy with the staff provided by Newcross and with their professionalism and standards of care. You will note that we have been using Newcross on a regular basis as our preferred provider for the delivery of Moving & Handling training and this continues to be the case. I have pre-booked 3-4 places on your next course in Hamilton on 5th December."

Hamilton 16/11/2018

"I would like to thank staff at Newcross for the professional service they provide to Avonhaugh. Staff are always very helpful with all of our staffing needs.  Newcross provide a high standard of nurses and carers and also have a good system in place to enable us to provide feedback on completion of all shifts. Newcross always work on our requests without delay which is very important when working in the care sector. Once again thank you and well done to Newcross."

Hull 08/11/2018

"Today we held residents and relatives meeting on the home to discuss any issues they wished to raise. Residents and their relatives and friends all commented on the high standard of care and compassion shown by the staff from Newcross. The basic consensus of opinion was that we are having a '˜better class of agency staff.'The staff members with whom the agency carers have been working with this week have also commented on how helpful and easy to work with they have been. Extra praise for Wieslawa, Hannah, Julie, Kirsty, Lorraine, and Chantelle. I and relatives have seen how they interact with our ladies and gentlemen and the kindness that they have shown to them. Thank you for sending them our way and we really hope we get the opportunity to work with them again."

Thanks to all the clients who emailed or phoned in over the past few months!

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