08 January 2019

5 Technology-enabling innovations introduced by Newcross Healthcare


International CES, the world's biggest technology exhibition - which showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies - is taking place in Las Vegas this week.

At Newcross Healthcare, our team of developers is hard at work, ensuring the Newcross workforce gets the most out of their mobile phones.  Getting into the spirit of CES, let's explore five technology-enabling innovations Newcross Healthcare has introduced amid a generation obsessed with mobile phones, video, and virtual reality... 

Agile recruitment 

Last year, following a successful trial, video interviewing was introduced as applicants found it more convenient, relaxing and enjoyable. It's an all-around efficient and environmentally-friendly way to interview, rather than an applicant traveling for miles for only a short amount of time. 

The Virtual Shift 

In 2018, we ditched the outdated DVD training videos that are used across the healthcare sector for inductions and replaced them with an immersive, online programme that puts the user at the heart of the action. The new staff member is faced with a range of scenarios that they will typically face on a shift and asks them to show us what they would do. For example, helping 'Beatrice' out of bed and getting her washed and dressed. 

We also revamped the Newcross induction. The programme now consists of three short webinar sessions; firstly diving into 'The World of Newcross' where we discuss our company values. This is followed by a webinar session 'The World of You'.  Thomas International PPA Assessment and Marston's DISC Theory framework are used in order to provide new employees with a greater understanding of their preferred working style. 

To end the programme we wrap things up by looking at 'Becoming Newcross Fit'; where we discuss expectations as a new employee.


HealthForceGo® is our in-house-designed app for our healthcare team that allows them to design their own lives. The inspiration behind HealthForceGo® was to make life a little simpler for everyone at Newcross, allowing staff to be in absolute control of their schedules, giving the ability to design their own lives. 


A new feature of the HealthForceGo® app, auto-assign allows staff to opt in to be automatically assigned to a shift that they’re eligible to work and matches their availability 100% - so they can pick up shifts while on shift or sleeping.

Flexi Pay 

Flexi Pay is an innovative feature exclusively available via Newcross’ HealthForceGo® app. 

Users are able to withdraw up to 50% of the value of verified timesheets and funds will be deposited in the user’s bank account either on the same day or the next working day dependent on their time of submission to our finance team.

For more information on Flexi Pay, read our white paper. 

If you're a healthcare professional and you think the HealthForceGo® app could make your life a little easier, why not apply to one of our jobs today? 

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