11 January 2019

Could a health robot help you to do your job?

At the CES convention this week,  Samsung 'Bot Care', a robotic healthcare assistant for the elderly was showcased to its tech-obsessed attendees. 

According to the Engadget blog, in a brief demonstration, Samsung introduced the robot with a Google Home face that indicated for Samsung’s Yoon Lee to place his finger on a sensor located on the bot. The sensor then took Yoon’s vitals and read back his blood pressure and heart rate, which were both within a normal level.

Describing the robot's capabilities, ECN writes: "The Bot Care is capable of providing health information, administering medication, and checking a user’s vitals. It can also monitor sleep cycles, call emergency services, and provide music therapy to help manage an individual’s stress. Lastly, Samsung also indicated the bot can track medication intake, offer exercise management, and provide daily health briefings."

Although the bot only had a brief introduction, even briefer was the Samsung Gems, a mobility assisting exoskeleton most likely geared toward athletes.

“With its advances in AI and robotics, the company is harnessing its best assets to make a positive impact on society and shape a better world,” Samsung wrote in a press release.

Do you work in the healthcare industry? Do you think robots will help you to do your job in the future? 

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