26 February 2018

10 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

As concerns about climate change grow, environmental issues and sustainability are increasingly hot topics. But at Newcross, we've been doing our bit for the planet for over twenty years... and we're not shy about spreading the word! 

Today, Newcross has a number of accreditations to acknowledge how we're reducing our impact on the natural world, including Carbon Neutral status. Operating an effective environmental management policy has also enabled us to achieve the International Standard in Environmental Management, the ISO 14001 award. In addition to establishing green services and policies, we also have a commitment to informing staff and clients about 'best practice'.  

So, if you want to help make the difference, here are a few simple steps to help protect our environment and potentially save money too.

Make your commute green

1. Walk or cycle to work. Failing that public transport is best.

2. If your shift is off the beaten track and you needs to drive, try carpooling with a colleague, partner or neighbour to reduce vehicle emissions.

Reduce physical waste 

3. Send communications by email when and where you can.

4. Review and share documents online, don't print them.

5. Think before you print. When you do print, go double-sided. If you print something that is one-sided and no longer need it, can you turn the reserve side into a notepad?

6. Properly recycle computer equipment, mobile phones and ink cartridges.

Reduce energy consumption

7. Turn down the heat. Decreasing the temperature in your home or workplace by just 1 degree Celsius in the summer can save up to 10% on your energy bill.

8. Open your blinds. Natural lighting improves productivity and wellbeing. It also reduces the need for artificial lighting, which saves energy.

9. Shut down your computer when you leave for the day and turn off your monitor.

10. Make the most of the recycling and composting services.