14 August 2018

Living Longer: Office for National Statistics shows an increase in Life Expectancy

In spite of concerns regarding obesity and other long-term health issues, statistics and projections released on 13th August by Office for National Statistics (ONS), have shown that the UK’s population is actually ageing. Why does this matter and what are the implications of us living longer for the healthcare sector? 

According to ONS, at aged sixty-five years, both men and women should expect to spend around half of their remaining life expectancy in good health. However, the likelihood of being disabled and/or experiencing multiple chronic and complex health conditions among those aged sixty-five years and over increases with age. As life expectancy increases, so does the amount of time spent in reduced health. 

A chronic condition is a human health condition or disease that is persistent or long-lasting in its effects, or a disease that comes with time. A person with multiple chronic conditions has more complex treatment needs than a person with just one condition. The Health Survey for England shows that in 2016, of those aged 60 to 64 years, 29% had two or more chronic conditions. For those aged seventy-five years and over this rises to almost half. 

How can Newcross help?

Now that life-expectancy is rising and chronic conditions are becoming more prevalent, it's essential that care systems are fit for an ageing nation. 

Care within establishments is often the very best option. However, for some individuals, receiving care in their own homes ensures greater independence and a greatly improved quality of life. This is especially true for service users with an ongoing condition or chronic illness.   

Our dedicated healthcare professionals have the expertise to help patients with a whole range of Complex Care needs. They receive ongoing training and supervision to ensure care is personalised to each individual's needs.

We offer comprehensive care for a range of complex needs including:

  • Complex care for adults, children and young people

  • 24-hour live-in care

  • Sit-in service

  • Mental health and wellbeing 

  • Learning disability support

  • Palliative care

  • Home ventilation management

  • Renal care

  • Head injury rehabilitation

  • Chemotherapy management

  • Degenerative neurological conditions

  • Spinal injury

  • Hereditary conditions

Every care package we provide is unique, and our experienced clinical lead nurses work with our clients and members of our team to create the right package for the service user. Our specialist clinical teams located in Newcross branches across the UK can help you decide how much support is required, from full 24-hour care packages to supported living and maintaining independence.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare sector? 

We are continually looking for Nurses and Healthcare Assistants to join our growing team in a range of full and part-time positions, within a broad spectrum of disciplines and specialities. If you're interested in joining us, search jobs on our Careers page today. 



Living longer - how our population is changing and why it matters