25 July 2018

Quit while you're ahead: 5 ways stopping smoking will improve your life

quit smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for us. Lung cancer, heart disease, stroke and reduced fertility are just a handful of the many undesirable conditions associated with cigarette smoking. As well as smelling fresher and saving a few bob, what are the health benefits associated with kicking the habit? 

1.) You'll be far less stressed

Experiencing a bit of stress is normal, but withdrawal symptoms from nicotine between each cigarette you smoke creates the illusion that you're stressed regularly. That's addiction! When you have a cigarette and feel less stressed than you did before, it's because you're feeding your nicotine withdrawal. Stopping will result in you feeling one hundred times more relaxed. 

2.) Your energy levels will increase dramatically 

Within two to twelve weeks of quitting smoking, your circulation improves, making day-to-day physical activity easier. You will now be able to take up that spinning class you've been wanting to join and large staircases will become your friend. 

3.) You'll have whiter teeth

Over time, nicotine stains your teeth and nails a waxy yellow colour. Prevention is better than cure, so ditch the cigarettes and make more effort with your oral hygiene. Ask your dentist for the most efficient whitening treatments as a well done gift for quitting - from you, to you.

4.) Your sense of smell and taste will become heightened 

Medically known as dysgeusia or a taste disorder, the chemicals in cigarettes harm your taste buds. The more you smoke the worse this will become. Once you've stopped smoking, you will regain these senses and will be able to enjoy food to its full potential once more. Some quitters found that they actually didn't like some of their favourite foods upon giving up, as the flavours seemed to increase in strength.

5.) You'll live longer

A long-term habit cuts a staggering ten years off your lifespan. Those who quit smoking before the age of thirty-five have a life expectancy similar to a person who has never smoked. Think of all that extra time spent with the people you love.