16 August 2018

Healthcare Heroes: Newcross Healthcare Assistant Paul Reeves acts fast in Emergency Situation

Paul Reeves

It is often cited in the media, that those who work in the care industry feel as though care is an 'unthanked' profession. We want this to change. This week, we reached out across our social media platforms, asking our workforce if they had ever helped in an emergency situation while off-duty. We were particularly impressed with Healthcare Assistant, Paul Reeves. This is his story...

"In May this year, I'd finished a half-day in work for the Colwyn Bay branch. I decided to visit a friend nearby, before travelling home. After I'd seen my friend, I came across a couple in distress, trying to help a young lady who was slumped against a door, covered in blood. The ladies clothes had a lot of blood smeared on her, and on her lower face.  The lady was talking to her while the bloke was on the phone to the ambulance service. I spotted the scene as I was passing, so I pulled over and grabbed my first aid bag out the car.  

"The girl had to be fifteen to eighteen years old. The lady backed away, so I started talking to the girl and noticed she had between ten to fifteen cuts spread over both arms. One arm wasn't bleeding much at the time. Just above her hand she had a cut that was bleeding badly. I wet a bandage and held her arm where the bleeding was and applied pressure, holding her arm up over her head. She kept dozing off, so I kept chatting to her to keep her awake. 

"I carried on asking her questions, asked how she'd done it. She told me she cut herself in her flat with a kitchen knife. I asked her if she had the knife on her, she said she didn't, its at the flat.  I asked her if there was anyone else at the flat with her, she lived alone, i asked her if she works or had any pets she looked after. 

"While we where talking, there was a strong smell of alcohol coming from her. I could see she had a full bottle of vodka in her bag. When they arrived, I told them what she'd told me. I assisted a a paramedic, helping the young lady into the ambulance while I was still applying pressure. The paramedic confirmed she was a known self harmer. She was escorted to hospital to have stitches. 

"I told paramedics I work for Newcross Healthcare and they thanked me for helping. I knew the girl was in capable hands, so I left them to it and went home."

Newcross CEO Stephen Pattrick commented, 

"We are immensely proud of what Paul did on that day. Newcross is made up of some really exceptional people and this is one of many wonderful stories I get to hear.

"Our in-house comprehensive training offered to all healthcare staff really sets us apart from many in the healthcare sector, enabling our staff, like Paul, to act with authority in emergency situations like the one described. 

"Our best wishes go out to the young lady involved."



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