06 November 2018

HealthForceGo® for beginners: A guide

It's fair to say that many of us have a love/hate relationship with computer systems and apps. Although ultimately, they're there to help us live, work and socialise as efficiently as possible. Our app for healthcare staff, HealthForceGo® is no exception to this rule.

HealthForceGo® is straightforward and easy to use and there are many benefits to organising your shifts electronically. For anyone still getting to grips with the app and its many facets, here are your questions answered...

HealthForceGo - What is it?

HealthForceGo is our mobile app, one that puts you firmly in control of your working life. 

HealthForceGo - What devices and operating systems are supported?

For Apple, we support back to iOS9 and an iPhone 4S. 

For Android, we support any device which can run Android version 4.1 or above.

HealthForceGo - How do I submit a digital timesheet?

If you have been booked onto a shift and the shift is visible in the My Diary section of the app then the timesheet is available.

Timesheets become visible to sign at the shift start time. After you have finished your shift you can choose to get your timesheet signed.

1. Check the details of the shift are correct and claim any mileage or expenses (if paid by the client)

2. Hand your device to the client so they can check the details before signing.

3. The client signs the timesheet with their finger and adds their name. Once they press submit the timesheet is sent for verification, there is nothing else you need to do.


HealthForceGo - What happens if there is no signal when I submit a timesheet?

As long as you have logged into the app since being booked onto a shift and are not logged out, the timesheet will be available to sign on their app even when you don't have any signal. 

After you have a timesheet signed and it's submitted, if there is no internet then the timesheet will be saved on the device and will be submitted automatically the next time you open the app and have an internet connection.

HealthForceGo - How do I know if my timesheet has been verified?

We now show the status of the timesheet in the app including if has been verified or if any exceptions have been raised that need to be manually verified by payroll. Payroll manually verify timesheet exceptions twice daily to ensure funds are available to withdraw via Flexi Pay

HealthForceGo - I’m having trouble submitting my timesheet, I get an error message.

1. Do not logout and do not delete the app
2. Take note of the error message or take a screenshot and contact your branch or use the in-app feedback form to contact the development team

HealthForceGo - Do I need to have my phone on/running/unlocked all the time?

No, as long as you don't log out of the app, when you are ready to submit your timesheet you can open the app and the shift details will be available for you to check and the timesheet can be signed by the client and submitted.

HealthForceGo - When will I get paid?

As with paper timesheets, the cut-off for submitting digital timesheets is midday on Tuesday, however, timesheets are only processed for payment the following week for shifts that started before the Monday of that week. So if you submit a timesheet for a shift that started Monday or Tuesday, it will not be paid until the following payment run in two weeks time.

HealthForceGo - I can’t change the break on my Shift?

The break rules are defined by the client. If you were asked to work through a break then you can change the end time of the shift to match the break time you should have had and make this known in the 'Reason for change' when you change the end time. 

The client will review this before submitting the timesheet.

HealthForceGo - I can't edit mileage?

Not at this stage, mileage is calculated automatically from your home address to the client address (and back). This allows for the timesheet submission process to work without any signal.

Mileage can only be claimed where clients have indicated they will pay mileage.

Not receiving any shifts from your branch or your app?

This could be due to a number of things:

The main factor here is that we show shifts with clients where you’ve worked before, staff and branch will need to work together to work with new clients so those shifts will show in the app in the future.

 Other factors:

- Your availability: Is it as flexible as possible?

- Your training: Are there any training courses you can go on to up skill yourself?

- Travel: How far are you willing to travel for a shift?

- Have you spoken to your branch to express your concerns?

Your branch manager will always try their best to allocate shifts, but if you are concerned the best option is to discuss these with your branch so you can work together to receive more shifts.

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