16 August 2018

Meet the Explorers! We caught up with Management Development Specialist, Ole Dodwell, to find out more about the Exciting Programme


This year sees in the third run of Newcross' Explorer Programme, a ten month-long office course designed to nurture leadership and management skills. We caught up with Management Development Specialist, Ole Dodwell, to find out more about the exciting programme...

What does the Explorer Programme entail? 

The Explorer Programme is an exclusive investment programme for those looking to achieve through others. Participants will be at the first level of management and will be looking to build on their skills. It is a long term journey, that last ten months as a course, but the skills they acquire along the way will last a lifetime.  

How have you seen people grow during the programme?

The main thing is confidence. People gain confidence in their own abilities, all while becoming more assertive and supportive. It's great to see. 

How can you get involved?

Anyone in the right area can do it. If you're an existing or aspiring Team Leader or manager, then you're eligible. 

What would you say to someone thinking about doing the course?

Talk to your manager and have a good think about where you are wanting to go in your career. The contents of Explorer Programme is designed to help you long-term. 

How would you summarise the Explorer Programme in three words?

Life changing development. 

Good luck to this year's Explorers! 

Systems Administrator, Bonnie Dayment

Team Leader, Tracey Craig

Healthcare Recruiter Team Leader, Calum Jones

Learning and Development Adminstrator, Kiersten Cornwall-Cook

Healthcare Co-Ordinator, Michelle Little

Healthcare Co-Ordinator, Tracey Ellicott

Payroll Supervisor, Arpana Rana

Healthcare Co-Ordinator, Katie Kenyon

Team Leader, Stacy Smith

Healthcare Co-Ordinator, Steph Nicol

Team Leader, Julie McAlonan

Team Leader, Charlotte Baines