07 August 2018

Newcross Healthcare: Leading the way with Flexi Pay, the innovative new feature of HealthForceGo®


By the weekend, Newcross' HealthForceGo® app will become available in the Wales and the South-West regions. One of its several useful features is FlexiPay, which allows users to receive an advance on their wages. Here is everything you need to know...

What is FlexiPay?

FlexiPay is an innovative feature exclusively available via Newcross’ HealthForceGo® app. 

Users are able to withdraw up to 50% of the value of verified timesheets and funds will be deposited in the user’s bank account either on the same day or the next working day dependent on their time of submission to our finance team.

What was the inspiration behind Flexi Pay? 

FlexiPay was developed by Newcross in order to help our staff during those unexpected financial emergencies that arise every now and again. The idea was to help those who might need to be paid for their shift prior to payday.

According to an investigation undertaken by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the average size of a payday loan in the UK stands at £260 and almost all loans are £1000 or less in value. If our staff are able to obtain a proportion of their money in advance, they can avoid the controversial aspects of payday loans, such as high interest rates. 

Who is Flexi Pay available to? 

As FlexiPay is a feature of HealthForceGo®, it is therefore accessible only to staff who work from branches where HealthForceGo® is live.

How does it work?

Details are taken from the app and linked to the online banking system. Provided a shift is not ‘flagged’ by the branch, has not already been paid and is verified, an advance amount may be paid to the app-user.  

What are the Terms and Conditions of FlexiPay? 

Before you make the most of advance payment, be aware that there are certain T&Cs you should bear in mind. They can be found here. 

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