18 October 2018

Newcross's Stephen Williams goes on a mission trip to Romania

Caring is more than just a day job for many of our healthcare assistants; it's a way of life. We recently learned that HCA Stephen Williams from our Colwyn Bay branch traveled all the way to Eastern Romania on a voluntary mission trip for twelve days, to support both homeless people and orphans.  We caught up with Stephen to find out what inspired him to take the trip... 

So Stephen, What's the story?

Myself and my local church went to a town in Romania to work with families who have very little. We worked with families with no electricity and running water. 

What did you do when you were there to support the homeless?

When we supported the homeless we went to a old house where they were squatting. We gave them food parcels and clothes for the children.

Did anything surprise you in particular?

I saw real poverty. We managed to buy a family a horse that will bring revenue that will help to support their family. We also bought a well so at least one family can have clean water. 

What made you want to work in care?

The reason I went into care is because I enjoy making a difference. My job with Newcross does not feel like a job this is something I am passionate about. I have been with Newcross for one year and six months the time has gone so fast. I enjoy going from different care settings and building relationship with our clients and putting a smile on someone face and that gives me job satisfaction.

What do you think of Newcross? 

I think Newcross is a great company to work for as everyone is supportive and we learn all the time. The management and care coordinators in the Colwyn Bay office always put a smile on my face and encourage me in my personal development. I feel that I have a long and great career. 

Colwyn Bay, Business Centre Manager, Monique Thomas, was full of praise for Stephen:

"Stephen is a valued member of the Colwyn Bay team and his passion and commitment shines through. 

The feedback we receive  from clients is so positive and shows that Stephen will go above and beyond to make a difference to anyone he can. Michelle, Danielle and I are so proud of Stephen for the charity work he has completed in Romania. He is an asset to Newcross and a huge inspiration to us all."

We'd like to congratulate Stephen for his tireless commitment to caring for those both at home and overseas.

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