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11 May 2021

5 Trends Shaping the Future of Nursing

Michelle Gorringe RN and COO at Newcross Healthcare looks to the future and explores 5 trends she thinks will shape the nursing profession. Learn more.
22 October 2020

What does a Registered Nurse do?

Our latest guide explores the roles and responsibilities of different types of nurse roles, including Registered Nurse, Registered Mental Health Nurse and a Children's Nurse. Find out more about a rewarding career in nursing.
22 October 2020

How to become a Nurse in the UK

Registered nurses are highly-qualified medical professionals who deal with many aspects of individual care across hospitals, care homes and in the wider community. This guide explains how healthcare workers, career changers or young adults can gain experience and qualify as a nurse.
17 January 2020

Nursing careers: the journey to Lead Nurse

The role of a Lead Nurse is dynamic and varied. It requires unquestionable clinical knowledge and leadership skills. We caught up with Max Freeman to find out about his journey.
08 March 2019

Complex care: Offering choice

Having the power to make these kinds of small decisions plays a part in our everyday lives. However, what happens when the notion of choice becomes a  challenge in itself? 
15 January 2019

Nursing documentation: How to write a patient's notes

Regardless of the form of the records, record keeping should enable continuity of care and should enhance communication between different healthcare professionals. Here are some tips on how to write concise patient notes...