10 October 2018

Overseas nurses now permitted to work in the UK straight after qualifying

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has announced that overseas (Non-EU) Nurses will now able to work in the UK immediately after qualifying. 

Previously required to have gained twelve months experience prior to registering to work as a nurse in the UK, the rules have been altered following a review that was undertaken by the NMC. The regulator aims to make the application process more accessible to overseas applicants.

Emma Broadbent, Director of Registration and Revalidation at the Nursing and Midwifery Council said:

“More than 65,000 nurses and midwives from outside the EU deliver first class care to millions of people across the UK every year and they are a vital part of our health and care workforce.

“This change will remove an unnecessary barrier, making it as simple and straightforward as possible for highly skilled nursing and midwifery staff to join the workforce.”

The council meeting held in July was presented with data that showed an 86% increase in the number of nurses and midwives joining the register from outside the EU in the past three months, with the average number joining each month increasing to 440 between April and June 2018 compared with an average of 237 per month in the previous nine months.

At the end of June 2018, there were 69,425 nurses and midwives on the register from outside the EU compared with 67,534 in July 2017; an increase of nearly 2000.

What does this mean for Newcross Healthcare?

No stranger to workers from outside the UK, Newcross Healthcare welcomes the new legislation. According to a Right to work' report that ran over a period of twelve months, Newcross Healthcare bucked the Brexit trend, as EU employment figures rose within the company, while the number of new EU Nurses registering in the UK decreased by 87%. 

At Newcross, achieving and maintaining high standards are important to us. We look forward to welcoming only the highest quality healthcare professionals to our team in the future.

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