12 April 2019

What is Flexi Pay?

If you're thinking about applying to one of our current healthcare vacancies, you might have already seen 'same day pay' and 'Flexi Pay' featured within Newcross Healthcare's many exciting benefits in our job ads. Flexi Pay is just one of the reasons why UK healthcare professionals are choosing to work for Newcross over other healthcare employers - and you can too!

What is Flexi Pay?

Newcross invented Flexi Pay with you in mind. It is an advance payment mobile app feature of our brilliant HealthForceGo® app. Thanks to Flexi Pay, you won't have to wait until Wednesday payday to receive your wages. 

Twice daily, you'll be able to draw down on your wages. The cut-off times for same working-day payments are now 9:00AM and 5:00PM.

How does Flexi Pay work?

Flexi Pay is manned by our helpful Finance team, who work hard to ensure everyone is paid on time - and beyond! 

You can withdraw up to 50% of the verified pay value of shifts you’ve worked that have not already been processed to you via weekly payroll. This amount includes shift pay and any claimed mileage and expenses.

Flexi Pay payments will appear as an advanced amount in your next payslip.

For more information, you can read the Flexi Pay Terms & Conditions or our White Paper. 

To find and download our healthcare app, simply search HealthForceGo® in the Apple and Google Play stores.