26 May 2017

Introducing Our New Brand

Our New Visual Identity



This year - our 21st anniversary – Newcross will continue to grow our network of business centres across the UK. We’ll also evolve in a number of fundamental ways, including;

  • Investing in new technologies to make it quicker and easier for staff and clients to manage essential administrative.  
  • Building our Clinical Excellence team, to provide expertise and support for our healthcare professionals. 
  • Expanding our in-house Learning & Development capabilities, to help staff fulfil their career potential.  

 At our 21st Celebration on May 18th, co-founders Stephen Pattrick and Michelle Gorringe announced the launch of our new, modern identity. 

Our new and improved visual identity will reflect the ongoing improvements in our business and changes in the healthcare sector. Clearer, sharper and easier to use in digital services, our new brand is also intended to express what makes us better and different.

Newcross has built a reputation for providing the healthcare experts that people can always trust to make a positive difference when they need us most.  

 Our new brand is designed to reflect this vital mix of trust, empathy and expertise that underpins everything that we do. Throughout this coming summer, you will see and experience the changes occurring around the business across the UK.

If you have any questions, please contact the Marketing and Communications team on communications@newcrosshealthcare.com.


Our 21st Celebration

[Pictured: Warren Weir at Luton Hoo]

Each year our Operations team come together at our Annual Manager’s Conference, however, with this being our iconic 21st Anniversary Newcross invited managers and long servers to celebrate this momentous year.

 On Thursday the 18th of May, we welcomed everyone to Warren Weir at Luton Hoo, where we put our ‘glad rags’ on for a black tie evening of exciting awards and dancing to the band Maverick Central.

[Pictured: Maverick Central Band]

Our photographers from Ian Waldron Photography documented this fantastic evening; you can view the photos here.

Speaking at the event, Michelle said, “Where have the years gone? We decided to celebrate our 21st anniversary, which is unusual for a business as it's normally 20 or 25 years, but we felt that for Newcross it was our coming of age celebration.

From the original idea of creating a company that would set new standards in care, we grew from a converted shower room (most of you know the story by now), to the company we are today. 56 offices and 355 office staff, who support and manage 6500 healthcare staff, all of whom have provided 5.4 million hours of care last year. Wow!” 

[Pictured: Stephen Pattrick and Michelle Gorringe]

Stephen said, “Michelle and I know the whole of Newcross acknowledge that some the most amazing incredible people that we have in our company can be found within the healthcare team. The nurses, the carers and the support staff that provide care across all sectors within healthcare every day, working in nursing homes providing additional support to our clients, our supported living and complex care division where our nurses, carers and support staff enable our clients to live within their own homes, safely and securely, something that many never dreamed was possible because of their complex or chronic needs.”

Michelle concluded, “To see and hear what wonderful things our care team do day in and day out and the positive changes they make to people's lives is one of the main motivators that drive us forward.

Thinking about how we can be even better:

  • Better Care 
  • Better Enabling                                                          
  • Developing better ways of working, through innovation and integration 
  • Allowing our teams to develop and flourish 
  • Simply improving what we do"

The Awards and Winners

It’s one of the most hotly contested competitions every year, the Directors debate and discuss each nominee thoroughly for weeks to decide the winners.

Without further ado, here are the 2016/2017 winners:

Business Centre Manager of the Year – Gerard Francis (Colchester Branch)

Business Centre Team of the Year – Kirkcaldy Branch

New Branch Launch of the Year – Lincoln Branch

Complex Care Business Centre Manager of the Year – James McAlpine (Taunton and Exeter Complex Care)

Regional Operations Manager of the Year – Steve Churches (Wales and West Regional Operations Manager)

Outstanding Achievement Award – Kelly-Marie Harris (Central Regional Operations Manager)

Employee of the Year – Steve Willis (Head of the Finance Department)

We would like to congratulate all of the award winners on this momentous achievement.