Medical help in your hands

myHealthPlan is just one of the many employee benefits available at Newcross Healthcare.

What is myHealthPlan?

We care about our dedicated healthcare community's health and well-being and myHealthPlan, ensures our nurses and carers have easy access to the support and appointments they need when they need it. myHealthPlan includes virtual appointments with NHS registered GPs and mental health support.

How does myHealthPlan work?

Virtual GP appointments

Thanks to our investment in the myHealthPlan, all staff will have access to the Virtual GP app. This handy app gives you access to video appointments with an NHS registered GP, at a time to suit you. 

Appointments will include all the same features as an in-person GP appointment, but with additional benefits such as unlimited access to the service, medication delivered directly to your door and advice from the comfort of your own home.

Mental health support with the Employee Assistance Programme

myHealthPlan package enables all staff to access specialist mental health support. This includes unlimited 24/7 telephone counselling and support, face-to-face counselling sessions, plus online counselling.

In addition, for in-the-moment support, all staff benefit from Woebot, the artificial intelligence counsellor available through myHealthPlan, is an innovative new way for you to get ‘in the moment’ emotional support. With Woebot, you can track your mood and identify behaviour patterns to gain an insight into any issues that may be causing you emotional distress.