Why Choose Newcross?

With branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales, Newcross is a growing healthcare company. Our constant focus on providing a better quality of nursing care has helped us to thrive, and we’re always looking for the best nurses to join our local teams.

As a Newcross nurse or carer, you’ll be offered excellent rates of pay, and we offer in-house training courses so that you can expand your skills. These can be paid for with training credits that are earned as you work.

“At Newcross they get to know you and find assignments that fit your skills. They take an interest in you, listen to your feedback and support you. They are friendly, approachable but also professional at all times. Newcross is the best company I have ever worked for.”

Pam Canbaz RGN

Take your career wherever you choose

Wherever you want to go in your nursing or healthcare career, it’s possible with Newcross. We offer flexible shifts in a wide range of acute healthcare, community and care at home settings. Whether your goal as a nurse is to get your perfect work/life balance or experience several different working environments, we can help.

“I was looking for a new start in my career. Newcross have provided me with this and more. I like the flexibility the company offers. The variety of settings I’ve worked in means that I’m able to offer my skills and knowledge to both care providers and fellow nursing colleagues, so we can work towards achieving high standards of person-centred care.”

Graeme Butler, RMN

The perfect work/life balance

Being a nurse or carer with Newcross could give you the perfect work/life balance. Maybe you’ll want to reduce your hours to spend more time with the family. You might want to work with the same clients regularly every week, or perhaps you’re already working but looking for shifts to fit around your main job. At Newcross you can create your own rota conveniently with our online diary or with our smartphone app. Just let us know when you are available and we’ll find appropriate shifts. With Newcross, you really can work as often as you like.

“I have been nursing for more than 30 years now and after leaving the public sector in 2013 l really did not want to be committed to full-time employment. I want to spend more time doing the things that make me happy – gardening, dog-walking and lying in a hammock reading a good book! I have been working for Newcross for over a year now, and I really enjoy working for the company. They fulfil my working needs and are able to provide me with suitable placements which complement my experience, knowledge and skills.”

Linda-May Connis RMN – SEN(MS)

Clinical Governance

When you become a Newcross nurse or carer, you’ll join a clinical team delivering nursing care in a range of different environments including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and secure environments to name just a few. Our company is nurse-led. Chief Operating Officer Michelle Gorringe is a registered nurse, as is Juliette Millard, our head of Clinical Governance. Both are committed to ensuring that best practice runs through everything we do.

Unlike an agency, with Newcross you’ll never be placed in an unfamiliar environment or in a place where you need skills that you don’t possess. You’ll be assigned to workplaces that fit your experience and skills, but we’ll also offer training to further enhance those skills.

“Newcross embodies all the values I believe are essential in a healthcare provider. Care, commitment, quality, passion, professionalism, clinical excellence through development and training for staff. As a nurse working for Newcross I feel supported and part of a team. I chose Newcross because of all the positive comments I heard about them. They were all true, and I have not looked back since. Thank you, Newcross.”

Michelle Blackburn, RGN