01 August 2011

The launch of #NurChat is announced!

We are delighted to announce the launch of #NurChat on twitter on Tuesday 9th August!


twitter bird

#NurChat is a fortnightly twitter chat for ALL UK nurses to discuss journal articles, news, clinical practice and issues relevant to nurses. The Chats will be on Tuesdays at 8pm and will be accessed through #NurChat on twitter.

#NurChat is lead by Newcross nurse Teresa Chinn RN, who you may already know as @AgencyNurse on twitter, or from her blog http://www.agencynurse.blogspot.com/ .  Our aim is to get all nurses talking and sharing and to help with their PREP and professional development.  Teresa has blogged and tweeted about nurses using social media to develop professionally and to meet PREP requirements. She originally developed the twitter concept #nurseuk so that nurses can "see" each other when tweeting and she also developed the nurses guide to twitter.  And so with the appreciation and support of Newcross Healthcare Solutions, #NurChat is being set into motion to help all nurses throughout the UK to communicate professionally.

The chats will take place every other Tuesday at 8pm and the date for the first chat is Tuesday 9th August

How to get involved...

It's really simple -

1.    Sign up to twitter and follow NewcrossHealth and NurChat.

2.    Go to the NurChat Blog www.nurchat.blogspot.com to post ideas for discussion. 

3.    Then join the discussion by searching #NurChat at 8pm on Tuesday 9th August. 

4.    We will tweet what discussions are coming up and if you miss any discussions you will be able to view them on the NurChat Blog

5.    The subject for the first chat has not yet been decided - we are leaving that up to you!!

Who can get involved...

Absolutely anyone who is a nurse or who has an interest in nursing... so please tell all you friends and colleagues about it!

At Newcross we wholeheartedly believe in nursing communities and are very excited to be getting nurses together to talk and share and help them to meet their PREP requirements. 

Looking forward to meeting you all online at 8pm next Tuesday!