Medication Administration

Clinical Course
3 hours
£30.00 or 3000 Newcross training credits

This course provides carers with an understanding of the correct procedure to follow when administering medications. 

Delegates will learn how to administer medication safely and will understand how to store and dispose of medication as per guidelines/policy. All delegates will undergo a formal practical assessment using a combination of boxed medication and blister packed medication 

Course content:

  • Understand the necessity of completing medication training 
  • Understand the importance of maintaining the service users privacy, dignity, independence and choice 
  • To gain an awareness of the legislation surrounding medication 
  • Become familiar with the Newcross Medication Policy and procedures 
  • To understand your role in giving Medication 
  • To be aware of boundaries when assisting with medication 
  • To understand what you can and can’t do in relation to medication