10 January 2012

Mobile App Means Faster Service for Clients!


Newcross are proud to announce that the official launch of our staff iPhone and Android applications will be on Monday 16th January.

At Newcross we strive to innovate, using the latest technology to make our service the best it can be. This is why we are launching these two phone apps for our staff.

So, what are the benefits to these apps? Why are we so excited?

Greater Flexibility

For Newcross staff, these phone apps are going to give greater flexibility for them to provide availability to work. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, our staff can provide their up to date availability meaning more convenience for our staff, and more efficiency overall.

Faster Response

For clients of Newcross, speed of service is extremely important. With these new apps, whenever we get a booking, the opportunity will be pushed to relevant Newcross staff members' iPhone or Android phones. Newcross staff can then instantly accept bookings, providing an extremely fast and efficient service for our clients.

We have been trialling the app during the last few months and it has been a huge success! We are now happy to launch the app across the business and are extremely excited to see how it improves our service to clients.

About the app, Stephen Pattrick, CEO, said:

"As a company we are constantly innovating, developing new systems and solutions to make the service to our clients the best it can be. With these new apps our hope is that we will make our already speedy booking service even better. Now clients can call us with their healthcare staffing needs and have a response within moments from staff who can quickly accept shifts directly through their phone. We are extremely excited about this new technology."

We believe in investing in the best technology and the best people. That is why now is a great time to join us. If you are interested in using Newcross for your healthcare staffing needs please contact us today on 0800 252 881. If you are interested in starting a career with Newcross, please see our current vacancies and apply online today!