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Louise Porter

Famous for the Geordie accent, Ant and Dec and its industrial roots; the city of Newcastle is Newcross Healthcare’s most northerly branch in England.

Based at 156 Sandyford Road in the city centre the branch is close to the university.

With 37 care homes within 5 miles of the city centre, Newcastle has a high demand for qualified nurses and carers.

If you’re an experienced care assistant or registered nurse, we could have the job for you. 

Five Facts about Newcastle

  • There are 19 Nursing homes for mental health problems within 5 miles of the city centre.
  • Life expectancy is Newcastle is below the average for England.
  • According to the Newcastle Future Needs Assessment 1 in 5 people in Newcastle have a limiting long-term illness.
  • The city stands on the Roman town of Pons Aelius which was founded in the 2nd century by Emperor Hadrian. Parts of Hadrian’s Wall can still be seen in Newcastle today.
  • Following the Norman invasion the son of William the Conquerer built a wooden castle in the town. From then on the town was called New Castle.

1st Floor
Old Brewery Court
156 Sandyford Road
Newcastle upon Tyne