15 October 2015

The Newcross Apprentice Scheme celebrates success

Nationwide healthcare employer, Newcross Healthcare Solutions is celebrating another successful year providing a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme for young people.

L-R: Stephen Pattrick CEO, Nick Harris, Michelle Gorringe Managing Director

Combining practical learning and development with hands-on experience, the apprentice scheme from Newcross provides a tailored development programme which allows young people to “earn and learn” by working alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills while at the same time, study towards a related qualification.

Bonnie, Kailee, Nick and Robyn have successfully completed the Newcross Apprentice Scheme and will now continue their careers with Newcross in their respective fields of expertise. The company has also recently employed a further 3 new recruits to begin their apprenticeships working across Finance, Recruitment and Marketing departments.

L-R: Stephen Pattrick CEO, Bonnie Dayment, Michelle Gorringe Managing Director

Stephen Pattrick, Newcross CEO said, “For young people apprenticeships are a great way to begin a career. Our scheme at Newcross provides an opportunity for young people to gain valuable hands-on experience and at the same time gain nationally recognised qualifications.

“With the exponential growth Newcross is experiencing, the importance of young people with a multitude of talent is paramount to our business model. The ideas, enthusiasm and determination of our apprentices can only predict success for the future.”

L-R: Stephen Pattrick CEO, Kailee Coffin, Michelle Gorringe Managing Director

Michelle Gorringe, Newcross Managing Director concluded: “At Newcross, we are extremely proud of the outstanding, highly-skilled staff members we have and being able to pass on our knowledge and expertise to our apprentices is an honour and a real privilege. We wish all of our apprentices a long and successful career with Newcross.”

L-R: Stephen Pattrick CEO, Robyn Casey, Michelle Gorringe Managing Director

For more information on the Newcross Apprentice Scheme or to apply for an apprenticeship, please click here.