30 September 2013

Newcross develops new app to revolutionise home care services

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new bespoke tablet app that has been developed by our expert team to revolutionise home care planning. The app, which has been launched across the country, will make Newcross Homecare members of staff the most efficient and best equipped to deliver exceptional care in a service user's home.

The Newcross Homecare Management App is a portable tool designed for tablets that allows Newcross Clinical Assessors to create, personalise and confirm care plans in a single visit, significantly reducing the time it takes for a service user to begin receiving the care they require. By introducing this service, which is unique to Newcross, employees will be able to spend more time focusing on their patients, ensuring they receive the best quality care.

Press Release Photo

CEO Stephen Pattrick (centre), Managing Director Michelle Pattrick, RN (right, centre) and the Senior Management Team with the Newcross Homecare Management App.

The app was developed with our many service users at heart, ensuring they receive a dedicated and quality experience with Newcross, in keeping with our 'Philosophy of Care'. The app manages client assessments and automatically produces care plans that adhere to best practice standards. However, the care plans that the Newcross Homecare Management app generates are entirely customisable to individual needs, allowing assessors to use their clinical judgement and deliver a personalised approach to care at home.

The app is a result of Newcross' commitment to finding innovative solutions, which ensure that Newcross continues to provide the highest quality service available in a range of environments. The app has been designed by an expert team that was led by clinical input from experienced nurses. Managing Director Michelle Pattrick, RN, said "The new tablet app is a great achievement for our team and will result in service users receiving a more efficient, detailed consultation process".

As an integral part of Newcross' initial client assessment, which is free to all considering care and support in their own home, service users are already beginning to see the benefits of the new app after it's national launch in September.