13 September 2011

The Newcross guide to Tweeting and NurChat!

New to tweeting...

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Twitter is a great way to keep updated on nursing issues and to get involved in the nursing community.  Twitter can be used to help with CPD and PREP requirements and is a useful tool to allow nurses to share thoughts, ideas and experience. If you are new to twitter and  this is a guide that will help you to start.

1. Go to www.twitter.com and sign up to twitter


2. Add some information about yourself


3. Search for people you want to follow by searching for them and clicking on follow, our recommendations are : 









4. You can then Tweet about anything you find interesting or you think that others will find interesting.


5. You can reply to any tweets that you find interesting and chat with other twitter users.


6. You can also re-tweet a tweet that someone else has written that you like or find interesting.


You can search for subjects that you find interesting to find others that are interested in the same subject eg by searching for NursingTimes you will view all tweets that are by, or to, or mention the Nursing Times and you can join in nursing discussions. 

Always remember that Twitter is a public forum and must be treated as such, therefore confidentiality must be adhered to at all times.  The NMC have produced guidelines in relation to this and this can be found here.  It is strongly recommended that you read this before starting out.



New to NurChatting...

For many of us 'tweet chats' like NurChat are a new phenomenon so thought we would give you a few steps to getting the most out of NurChat:

1 - Be on Twitter    

2 - Follow @NurChat    

3 - Use Tweetchat.com    

4 - Enjoy post-chat updates

   1.   You need to be "on twitter",  sign up to twitter here, all you need is a name and an email address to register. There are many advantages to using twitter and further guidance on joining twitter can be found on our "New to Tweeting" page.

   2.   Keep an eye on this blog for future chats and follow @NurChat for chat news, sometimes there are useful links to related information before the chats, and there is always a downloadable "flyer" that you can add to a nurses station or common room to share NurChat with your colleagues.

  3.   The best way we have found to join in a Twitter chat is to log in to Tweetchat.  On the evening of the chat go online to  http://tweetchat.com and log on using your twitter details (twitter username and twitter password) and enter "NurChat" in the field that says "enter hashtag to follow".
Tweetchat allows all of the chat to been seen in the same place and also adds the necessary hashtag to the comments you enter.

  4.   After the chat the transcript and an overview will be added to this NurChat blog, this is useful if you missed the chat or would like to share it retrospectively.


NurChat is the same as a group of nurses being in the same room chatting about one subject, sometimes two or three conversation threads can happen - the great thing about NurChatting is that if you miss one conversation thread you can read through the transcript and not miss out altogether.

From Nurchat you will be able to identify fellow nurses with similar or different views and experiences to you and use these new contacts to share ideas and professionally develop.

Twitter chatting is a concept that is new to nurses and apart from the NMC Guidelines there is not much information out there - so please feel free to add your own tips


OUR TOP TIP - read through a previous NurChat transcript before NurChatting  for the first time to get a flavour for how they run.

NurChat happens every other Tuesday at 8pm - follow @Nurchat on twitter and check out the blog regularly for the next NurChat.

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