20 January 2014

Newcross Healthcare launches fast-paced A&E simulation game 'Casualty Commander'

Newcross Healthcare has developed a fast-paced, fun and highly addictive new game using a light-hearted take on an A&E casualty department. Multiple patients with a range of different ailments arrive at A&E for diagnosis and treatment, some with more serious conditions than others, and it’s your job as the ‘Casualty Commander’ to prioritise, treat and cure before the patient expires!

The Casualty Commander game gives the player a sense of urgency and pressure, with multiple people waiting to be prioritised for treatment in a limited timescale. But that’s where any similarity to a real triage environment ends; the rest is just for fun. The aim is to keep going for as long as possible, treating everyone before they run out of time.


A crowd waits for treatment in your own A&E!

Playing games has frequently been attributed to creating strong social circles between players, as well as offering an environment where an individual can achieve success, enjoy their work and be in control. Casualty Commander offers a chaotic, but enjoyable challenge that anyone can undertake, as well as an online opportunity to practice multi- tasking, general knowledge and steady-hand mouse control skills.

As a leading employer of nurses, healthcare assistants and home carers, Newcross Healthcare Solutions is only too aware of how just how important interpersonal skills are. The ability to multi-task within a team and manage a changing workload are two key abilities no healthcare professional can be without, and are essential to ensuring true person-centred care.

Stephen Pattrick, CEO of Newcross Healthcare and thought-leader behind this game said, “Gaming has in the past been dismissed as a frivolous pastime, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The Casualty Commander game we’ve developed not only offers a light-hearted insight into some of the pressures in a real-life A&E department, it also offers gamers the chance to increase their social circle of like-minded individuals.”

Join the team now – diagnose, treat and manage patients in your own fantasy A&E!

Search ‘Casualty Commander’ on Facebook under apps or download from the App store or Google play store.