From Maidstone to Manhattan!

Known for its bustling Times Square, impressive Statue of Liberty and some of the worlds greatest entertainment, Newcross Healthcare are delighted to announce the introduction of its New York Branch.

Keen to ensure the new year is both bold and exhilarating, Newcross have been working day and night to begin their international quest. Conclusively, New York was seen as the preferred destination.


The New York Branch will comprise of Business Centre Manager Filet Minyon and HCC’s Tahra Dactyl and Chris P. Bacon. They will be accompanied by our new North America Regional Manager Jed I. Knight.

Speaking with the newly appointed Regional Manager, he had this to say about the prospect of international expansion, “we’ve undertaken extensive research throughout recent weeks all leading to the possibility of an international branch. Undoubtedly, New York possessed the greatest potential.” Jed continued, “New York is known as the ‘city that never sleeps’ and I intend on testing this theory to the very limits. There is an unquestionable amount of work to be done, particularly in search for the best karaoke bars”

Jed has extensive experience in a multitude of disciplines, his most recent being the head recruiter for Ebon Hawk. His interests include Karaoke, Tailgating, Sushi and Lightsabers. 

To evoke a sizzling start to our New York branch, we would like to encourage current Newcross Healthcare employees to apply for a role.

For more information please see all of our jobs here.