31 December 2018

5 New Year's resolutions for healthcare professionals


Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year - so what better time to start thinking about the improvements you'd like to make in 2019 to support your professional growth?

If you haven't yet thought of a new year's resolution - here are five of our own suggestions for the Newcross Healthcare team.

1.) Get more sleep

As a healthcare professional, you'll known how important it is to be alert on the job. Sleep is as important to our bodies as eating, drinking and breathing. 

If you happen to work a lot of night shifts, check out our top tips: Newcross nights: How to survive your night shift.

2.) Take a course

We're all about self-improvement. That's why, every month, we deliver between 150 and 200 courses to over 1,000 Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. Led by our dedicated in-house clinical trainers and supported by a network of individually selected local partners, all Clinical Courses are developed with and endorsed by our Clinical Governance Team.

3.) Try 'Dry January'

Dry January is a public health campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practised in the United Kingdom. 

Recent research from the University of Sussex showed people who completed Dry January last year drank less, months after taking part. Of 800  participants in the Dry January research, 54 per cent had better skin, 58 per cent lost weight, and 57 per cent had better concentration.

The research also showed that 67 percent of participants had more energy, 71 per cent slept better, and 88 per cent saved money.

4.) Quit smoking

The new year is the perfect time to make changes that will improve your health. 

If you're looking to kick the habit, find our tips on how to quit, here. 

5.) De-stress

A few simple steps can help you to take control of any situation and aid you in reducing your stress.

Social Media Champion and Colwyn Bay healthcare coordinator, Sian Jones, shares 10 top tips to manage and deal with stress.

We'd like to wish you all a very happy and health new year for us at Newcross Healthcare! Are you setting goals for the new year? Let us know in the comments below!