01 November 2018

Barnstaple branch undergoes specialist mental health training

Providing mental health training in a healthcare setting serves a variety of functions. It not only equips healthcare staff to directly change the experience of people affected by poor mental health, but it also helps to reduce stigma and raise awareness.

Our Barnstaple-based Social Media Champion, Charlotte Fisher, recently told us about a series of mental health training courses carers in her branch had been getting involved with.

"We have had some fantastic new training running in branch focusing on Mental Health - Personality Disorders, Self Harm and Ligature Awareness last week and this week. 

These courses have been extremely helpful for our staff to support our clients' needs. Our client requested their own staff to attend these courses also and really appreciated us setting them up. This training will help support our clients and give our carers more knowledge and increasing their skill set and confidence.

I think it is hugely important to have a more educated understanding on mental health. We support several settings with service users with mental health, for our carers to gain this specialist training that suits the needs of our client is so vital.

We had eight Newcross carers attend the courses and five of our client's carers. After talking to the trainer myself it was very interesting to hear about the training the staff received.

They were shown what a service user might use as a ligature and how to use ligature cutters safely.

The training was fantastic, all of the carers said it was engaging and informative. We are already looking to re-book all three courses, I would definitely recommend these courses.

Newcross provides great training, whenever we have requested courses they are booked very quickly. There is always plenty of training for the carers to attend, both internally and externally.

To be able to book specialist training to support our own staff and our clients' staff is great, our client greatly appreciated us organising these courses."

One of the carers on the course told us what she learned. 

When learning about personality disorders, it is important to remember that everyone can look the same on the outside but you never know what is going on inside.

The Self Harm course told me that it is so important to get a full understanding as to what has led them to self-harm - there is nearly always a deep-rooted reason why!

As for Ligature Awareness, I learned that it is important to cut them down and to never hold them. All three courses were really useful!

*An external training provider was booked specifically so that our staff are prepared to meet the individual needs of those for whom we care.* 

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