30 October 2018

Beware these scary Halloween health hazards...


Cemeteries, cobwebs and coffins: There are many words that we associate with Halloween. However, in our opinion, there are certain health hazards you ought to be far more afraid of than ghouls and ghosts. Whether you love or hate the holiday, some dangers are much closer to home than things that go 'bump in the night'...

Creepy contact lenses

While they are easy to obtain, you should steer clear of any decorative contact lens that you can obtain online without a prescription. If bought online or from a market stall, it’s possible that the lenses could give you an infection as they may not have been medically-approved.

Image result for red contact lenses

Deathly dental bills

The scale of “sugar addiction” in England and Wales has been laid bare in data showing that 170 children and teenagers a day are having operations in NHS hospitals to remove multiple teeth that have been rotted by sugar. There were 42,911 multiple tooth extraction operations in patients under the age of 18 in 2016/17, according to analysis of NHS statistics by the Local Government Association. Make sure you brush and floss after eating anu sweet treats.

Red and White Mouth Plastic Toy and Food Plastic Toys

Freaky face paint

To minimize the risk of any problems, test any makeup or face paint a few days in advance, using just a small amount. If there’s any significant swelling or other reaction, seek medical attention. A severe reaction could cause issues with breathing and eye problems.

Photo of Woman With Face Paint

Fire, fire!

 Many costumes are made from polyester - a highly flammable plastic material. Molten plastic will stick to your skin causing serious, scalding burns. Fire hazards abound, from fancy lighted décor to Jack O' lanterns with candles inside. Swap real candles for battery-operated ones in pumpkins to avoid the flames altogether.

Pumpkin carving catastrophe!

The most common accidents associated with pumpkin carving are stab wounds to the fingers and palm. Keep injuries in the closet by opting for a pumpkin-carving kit over a kitchen knife or pen knife. The instruments are also generally small, which makes them easier to control than most knives and easier to use when making intricate cuts.

 Close-up Photo of Halloween Decors

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