18 September 2018

A chat with our wonderful Scottish branches


While Newcross' many branches are spread out across the UK, all are united in their hardworking approach when it comes to providing high-quality care. This week, we sent Newcross' Social Media Champion for Scotland, Louise Donachie, to catch up with some of our team members in the highlands.

Louise chatted to Falkirk Business Centre Manager Nicci Mills, Kirkcaldy Healthcare Coordinator Kellie Crooks and Edinburgh Healthcare Coordinator Lee McClung, to find out more about their individual branches and why they joined Newcross... 

What makes each of your branches special?

Nicci:  "Falkirk is a branch that has so much potential to help so many more clients and service users. Recruiting more great staff will see us do just that in the future."                   

Kellie: "We have great staff across the board The healthcare assistants and nurses go above and beyond. The branch itself has a warm welcoming feeling, and the team in the office are amazing."

Lee: "Edinburgh Branch is a great place to walk into, we work hard and love to support each other and our staff.  We have a real family feel about the branch and love it when visitors pop in for a cuppa!"

What made you join Newcross in the first place?

Nicci: "Being involved in healthcare seemed such a worthy cause. As I don't have the hard stuff that is needed to be a nurse, HCA or support worker this is a way that I can get involved."

Kellie: "I originally worked as an HCA/senior while I studied. I liked the flexibility and competitive rate of pay and the friendly office team. Then the opportunity to work in the office come up so I applied for it right away!"

Lee: "In my last job I worked across the UK for a large corporate style restaurant group. When I got redundancy from my last role, I decided I wanted to look at jobs that kept me in the same place and let me feel like the work I was doing was making a difference.  I knew I wanted the job from the second I had read the advert and the more I learned about Newcross the more I was determined that this was a company that I was going to be a part of."

Can you think of a time when your branch went above and beyond? 

Nicci: "As I'm only in the role a few weeks and one of my first tasks was recruiting for a new HCA, Claire the branch senior had to pretty much run the show here with the support of Hazel, the Perth Branch Manager which in my eyes was above and beyond."

Kellie: "We have staff members occasionally traveling up north to help cover bookings for other branches if there's an urgent need to."

Lee: "Over Christmas with the horrible weather and the snow.  There was 1 day where we had to close the branch and between us in the branch, we tried to run business as usual from home.  We were working on Ipads, laptops and our own Mobile phones. I even had the house phone in use so had 2 lines at one point.  Along with Central support, we did our best to support our fabulous team in the field and clients.  The healthcare staff were fantastic during the really trying time."

Thanks to Nicci, Kellie, and Lee for taking the time to talk with us. Did you read about Kellie's firewalk? Click here for Newcross News.


*Banner photo features the Kirkcaldy team