10 August 2018

Development Specialist, Dale Carkeek, revamps the Newcross Induction

Dale Carkeek

Newcross Development Specialist, Dale Carkeek, has given our induction process a makeover. We caught up with Dale to find out what the new changes are and why they've been made...

What's been changed? 

"The Newcross Induction Programme was designed with the sole purpose of welcoming new internal staff to the organisation. Ease of access is key. A reduction in travel and all-round disturbance within the business has now been minimalised; without sacrificing quality of it's delivery or content.

There was also a strong passion to review the overall onboarding experience in order to reinforce the elements that sets Newcross apart from our competitors, how each individual new role contributes to our aims, and how we develop trust, empathy & expertise with all of our stakeholders. Being an organisation that continues to lead the way with the use of technology in all areas, evolving the previous induction day into bite-size chunks delivered remotely was an attractive solution."

What does the programme consist of? 

"The programme consists of three short webinar sessions; firstly diving into 'The World of Newcross' where we discuss our company vision, mission statement, values and key landmarks to date that have helped shaped us into the flourishing organisation we are today. 

This is followed by a webinar session which shifts focus across to 'The World of You', where we discuss the use of our Thomas International PPA Assessment and Marston's DISC Theory framework which underpins this tool; in order to provide new employees with a greater understanding of their preferred working style and how our Support Service Departments can provide them with specialist assistance to maximise their potential with us. 

To end the programme we wrap things up by looking at 'Becoming Newcross Fit'; in which we discuss expectations as a new employee aligned to our values, culture, and vision through probation reviews, future PMR's and further support and career pathways available to them.

Objectives are set for inductees to complete in-between these 3 sessions - involving exposure to the wider network for fact-finding, signing up to become a Dementia Friend, discussing PPA results with their line managers, amongst other things.

The new Newcross Induction Programme is available every two weeks with a maximum of six attendees to accompany demand as our organisation grows."

We'd like to thank Dale and the Learning and Development team for their hard work.

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