03 October 2018

High Praise: Our Clients Offer Feedback on Newcross Staff


It's always nice to feel appreciated. Our clients are regularly in touch, full of high praise for our healthcare staff and the hard work they put in. Here's some of the recent feedback we've received in the past month about our nurses and carers, and the high quality of care they provide... 

*Names of service users have been omitted to protect confidentiality.* 


"During a client service meeting Maria's ongoing support was praised. Maria was complimented on responding to urgent requests for staff as quickly as she does." 23/08/2018


"Lucia was a great help on Saturday really got stuck in and gave great care." 20/08/2018


"Kate called today. This was Anne's first time at The Meadows and first shift for Newcross as a Nurse.  Kate said she was having an excellent shift with them very experienced nurse and a great asset to them on shift."  20/09/2018


"I have been working with Shangrila this afternoon and all I can say is good things about her and her work practice. We would have her again!" 03/09/2018


"Nekesha was an absolute star to work with. She got along with staff and residents very well." 31/08/2018


"Mum and Dad day enjoyed a day out at the races- their first time out together in two years as Newcross was able to cover the day. They said they are very impressed with Newcross and had found them to be very professional and had had visits from the manager and nurses which they were pleased about." 16/09/2018


"Sandra is an extremely hard working nurse who takes charge of the every shift works well with all the staff and clients the home is busy and Sandra is always very professional and cheerful." 14/09/2018


"A client called through to let us know how great Katy has been on her shift today." 26/09/2018


"Gemma rang in to say Norman worked a shift at Abbey Wood Lodge yesterday and they thought he was fantastic.She said he was obviously very experienced in care and worked hard and knew what to do and when. She was very impressed." 07/09/2018


"We have a new end of life package which started last night. I called the lady's daughter this morning to see how the first night went. She was extremely pleased and said our carer was very kind and caring and would like us to cover more nights for her mother." - 11/09/2018


"I worked a waking night Shift on the 14/08/18 with one your staff named Paul Fitzgerald. I just wanted to commend him on his pro-active and skillful support with one our service users that was in crisis. Paul was able to engage the service user and prevented the situation from escalating." 19/09/2018


"Newcross staff were 10/10. The client had taken the time to give feedback on how hard working they were and great they were with residents." 27/09/2018

Thanks to all our staff for your commitment and hard work.

Have you got a story to share about one of our healthcare staff that  deserves recognition? Email marketing@newcrosshealthcare.com