05 February 2019

The importance of flexibility in care

Today, the BBC reported that more than 600 people a day leave their jobs because of the pressure that being an unpaid carer brings.

The demand that comes with looking after an elderly, ill or disabled relative has made almost half a million people quit their jobs in the UK in the past two years. 

"I love working for Newcross, because number one, it gives me the flexibility to work around my family life and gives me the perfect work/life balance."

Jessica Davies, HCA


An estimate has indicated that almost five million people are trying to balance looking after relatives with working, up from about three million in 2011.

This increase is thanks to an ageing population, but the report says not enough employers are offering flexibility over working hours or taking leave. 

Carers UK is calling for employment rights to formally recognise the needs of carers.

At Newcross Healthcare, we understand the scale of responsibility that comes with being a carer - whether you're caring in a paid or unpaid capacity. We stand with Carers UK and encourage employers to allow unpaid carers scope to make mutually beneficial working arrangements.

Newcross nurses and carers enjoy having control over when and where they work. Healthcare staff build their own rotas, working full or part time hours to suit their schedules, and benefit from the security of a permanent job with guaranteed minimum hours and a local line manager. 

If you're a nurse or carer looking for flexible work, browse current vacancies, here.