07 January 2019

Lung cancer in women on the rise, claims Irish Cancer Society

The amount of women contracting lung cancer is on the rise and it could outnumber the amount of men in the coming year, according to the Irish Cancer Society.

In its annual lung cancer awareness campaign, the society claimed lung cancer cases in women could far outnumber men in future decades. 

A spokeswomen for the charity, Aoife McNamara, said that knowing signs and symptoms of the disease is vital, telling the Irish Examiner: "Things like difficulty breathing, a cough that's not going away or a change in a long-term cough, repeated chest infections that just aren't going away - even after antibiotics.

"Wheezing, coughing up blood-stained phlegm, pains in your chest...anything to with your breathing.

"There's lots of coughs and colds and flus out there at the moment.

"But what we are asking people to notice that if these things aren't going away, particularly if you are a smoker or ex-smoker, go to your GP and get checked out."

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