27 July 2018

Newcross Healthcare bucks Brexit trend with a rise in EU employment figures


Amid several reports of a staggering decline of EU healthcare workers in the UK, an investigation conducted by Newcross Healthcare has revealed the effects of Brexit are not all "doom and gloom". Our own EU workforce is not only stable but appears to be on the rise. 

In 2017, NHS Digital found that those from the EU who left the NHS between June 2016 and June 2017 included 3,885 nurses and 1,794 doctors.

"The line of thought then was that they might be leaving in droves due to Brexit! This is not the case." Sue Hill - Quality Assurance and Audit Manager

Moreover, in April this year, the Nursing and Midwifery Council released solemn figures which showed a significant spike in the number of EU nurses and midwives leaving their register. Their findings evidenced that between April 2017 and March 2018, 3,962 people left – an increase of 29%.

In contrast, based on figures from Newcross' 'Right to work' report that ran over a period of twelve months, it would seem that this downward spiral within the industry has not deterred our EU workforce. This proportion of Newcross staff has not only remained stable but actually increased - with EU Nurses also increasing from 12% of the total nurse base to 14%. We hope to maintain and nurture this level of growth across the business, as a means of ensuring the best possible care experience for our service users. 

Newcross Healthcare is an independent organisation that provides highly trained staff, clinical expertise and administrative support to those who require care. Since 1996, Newcross has been fostering the highest standards of healthcare.

Exceptional training and support are central to achieving this goal, but we believe that outstanding care requires more than just clinical proficiency. Above all else, our focus is on making a positive difference in the lives of sick and vulnerable people. 

We are continually looking for nurses and healthcare assistants to join our growing team in a range of full and part-time positions, within a broad spectrum of disciplines and specialities. If you're interested in joining us, search jobs on our Careers page today.