26 September 2018

Our advice to new applicants

Anita Yandell-Jones

Have you recently applied for a job with us? Are you wondering what the next step will be? Perhaps you're considering doing so, but want to know more about our application process. We chatted to Head of Contact Centre, Anita- Yandell-Jones and asked her what advice she'd give to prospective applicants...

What advice would you give to candidates applying for a job with us?

"My advice would be for the applicant to enjoy the experience of our new agile recruitment process - especially our modern approach to interviewing. We've now introduced video interviewing, as applicants are finding it more relaxing and more enjoyable. It's an all-around more efficient way rather than having to travel to an interview.  Coupling this with our revolutionary virtual shift helps set them up for using technology as a valued staff member with our HealthForceGo app.

"One of our challenges is getting hold of the applicant after they initially apply, so it would be great for them to add our number into their stored contacts so they know it's us calling them, or even better - if they don't want to wait to be contacted to give us a call as our National Recruitment team are open Monday to Saturday 8 am - 8 pm.

"In addition - and a real sticking point in our process - can be obtaining references so applicants that work with us to obtain these see quicker turnaround times of us being able to get them out to work."

We offer a range of full time and part time positions, from a variety of nursing jobs to HCA and support worker roles. 

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