19 October 2017

Top Tips for staying healthy this winter

Warm by the fire

Healthcare workers are out and about in all weathers, but in the winter they also have to contend with the cold.

Combined with the UK's often wet weather the chances of falling ill increase sharply during the season.

Here are some top tips to keep you fit and healthy this winter;

Get plenty of sleep –

Getting plenty of sleep is part of staying healthy all year round. However, because of less sunshine in the winter months, you could suffer from a disruption to your regular day/night cycle. Be sure to get into a sleep routine with the aim of going to bed and waking at the same times every day. 

Get out into the sunshine as much as possible -

The reduction in the amount of sunlight during the winter months has been proven to increase bouts of depression as well as a reduction in the amount of vitamin D we receive. To counter this, you should take advantage of the sunshine when it does appear and catch as many rays as you can. This also helps with the lack of vitamin D. Alternatively, you can buy special lamps that replicate sunlight to help stave off the winter blues.

Eat plenty of fruit and veg -

With the evenings being cold and dark you may be tempted to snuggle up and binge on junk food but you really shouldn’t. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to staying healthy, and winter is a surprisingly good time to eat plenty of vegetables. Sprouts and other seasonal veg are a great source of vitamins and allow you to experiment with creating an array of delicious winter meals such as soups and roasts. Foods such as butter, milk, eggs, mushrooms, cod liver oil, and fatty fish are great sources for vitamin D. 

winter soup

Keep exercising -

When the rain is pouring, and the wind is howling you are likely to want to hide under the covers or snuggle up on the sofa rather than go out for a run. This is understandable, but you need to resist the urge to lounge about. Regular exercise helps boost your immune system so make sure you keep up some type of exercise routine. If it’s raining outside try doing some exercises indoors such as stretching, press ups or sit-ups.

Wash your hands -

You should be doing this all the time anyway but in the winter viruses and bugs increase in number. Nasties such as Influenza and the Norovirus are far more common during the colder months and have the nasty habit of lingering on surfaces that you may come into contact with.

Stay warm -

An obvious one, but many people go outside in inappropriate clothing during the winter, resulting in them catching chills and coming down with illnesses. If its really cold outside be sure to wear some thick gloves and a warm hat will prevent heat loss.  

Do you have any tips you'd like to share about staying healthy over the cold winter months? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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