07 December 2017

Weather warnings: How to beat the winter weather

Snow storm

Winter is truly upon us, with storm Caroline and severe weather approaching the Met Office have issued several weather warnings that cover the whole of the UK.

So, we have prepared a how-to guide to ensure that you are able to travel safely and are well prepared to beat the wintery weather, and guarantee the well-being of all those in your care.

Leave enough time and be aware of the roads

From storms to snow the unpredictable weather is on its way. With the weather plummeting to sometimes sub-zero temperatures, dangerous ‘black ice’ can form on the roads surface, black ice isn't always visible and can be hazardous for both motorists and pedestrians, causing cars and people to slide.

It takes twice as long as long to stop on a wet road as it does on a dry one so slow down your driving, avoid sudden moves and be alert. Don’t Rush! Ensure you leave enough travel time to get to your destination, drive carefully, be vigilant, and ensure your vehicle is topped up with de-icer, fuel and a thick blanket.

Watch your step

It goes without saying that in the winter with compacted snow, wet leaves and dry ice abound pavements and roads can pose a potential danger, especially with our elderly.

With more elderly people each year breaking bones due to falls in icy conditions, but even people with perfect balance can come a cropper.

So, in icy weather, ensure you have appropriate footwear with good grip, even when doing menial tasks like putting out the rubbish out; plant your foot firmly ensuring a good footing before putting all your weight on it.

Once again take your time! And offer help to the elderly, to make sure they can cross the road safely.

Wrap up warm

Layers are your friend! Encourage clients to wear lots of thin layers - clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat. Heat is lost easily through the hands, feet and head so ensure you have some woolly hats, gloves and socks to hand.

Regular hot meals and drinks

In this case eating isn’t cheating! Eating and drinking regularly ensures your body has enough energy to convert to heat, and keeps you in better health, make sure that anyone in your care has regular healthy food and drink throughout the day, to keep them warm and strong. Keeping active at winter even little tasks and exercise in the home will keep the mind active and your muscles engaged helping boost your immunity.

Stock up on supplies

As the weather worsens people’s ability to leave the house and commute becomes ever more difficult, so ensure that medication and food stock checks are carried out regularly, to make sure that clients and those in your care are well stocked and prepared for the winter.

Keep up the room temperature

Keep all rooms warm, at least above of 18°C (64°F) particularly living rooms and bedrooms, ensuring that everyone can keep warm and cosy. Continually being cold can weaken your immune system, so insure that you keep everyone in your care warm this winter.

Please take extra care this winter to make sure that you, your co-workers and all those who are in our care are well-prepared and safe.

You can find more information on a Cold Weather Plan here.

Due to bad weather conditions, delays can occur, but if you are going to be delayed, or will be unable to make it work please ensure you contact your manager or Central Support as soon as possible to make them aware.