22 June 2016

What quality means for us

Throughout my 10 years working as a Quality Assurance Manager with Newcross, our brand has always been focused on the delivery of a quality-driven service. This ethos is reflected within our Mission Statement, Team Pledge, policies, processes, and the high standards of care we provide to our clients and service users.

My role as Quality and Audit Manager is to connect people to processes and to drive efficiency and improvement across the organisation. We can evidence the positive effects of this approach through our continued growth, and through national recognition as one of the leading providers of care in the UK.

I often ask people how they would define Quality and receive many interesting answers. Quality means different things to different people, but the overriding message must be that it is a concept of delivering a service or product that meets or ex­ceeds the expectation of the person receiving it.

Measuring the “Quality” of our organisation can be achieved through a robust Quality Assurance system. This includes continually monitoring and auditing our systems and processes, gathering feedback, reviewing performance, risk assessment and effectively managing change.

However, the number of people needing care will grow as the population expands and ages, putting the ability to deliver quality under more and more pressure through reduced budgets and restrictions on funding.

Social Care has become more complex, with more people being looked after in care homes or their own homes, and our care staff now commonly undertake tasks previously delegated only to nurses. Our nurses are also facing new challenges with the introduction of Revalidation, which encouraged reflection and self-assessment.

With Newcross operating services within England, Scotland and Wales we are constantly re-assessing the playing field to keep pace with the changing world of regulation and legislation. We need to meet the changing needs of our clients and service users as well as balancing those with the expectations of our regulators.

One of the measurements we use to gauge the quality of our service and staff is by regularly sending out assessment forms. In March 2016, we sent out over 6,000 individual assessments and from the feedback we received, over 96% were rated above average and many of these included some great comments.