01 June 2018

What three things do you take on shift?

We recently reached out to our Newcross employees on our Facebook page, asking what your three essential items to take to shift are... 

The most popular answers among the feedback, were...

  • Pens
  • Food/snacks 
  • Timesheet

Other sensible suggestions came from Craig, who takes a pocket watch, as he can't use his mobile phone on shift, and Alison, who is never without her hand sanitizer. Rebecca and Elsie love their coffee, to help keep them both 'alert throughout the night' and Alix admitted to bringing chocolate...

We predict these 3 essentials are going to change, thanks to our handy HealthForceGo app timesheets will soon be entirely digital, meaning less paperwork for both our employees and clients! So remember to bring your own device to work with you to get them signed off. To find out more about HealthForceGo, you can read more about it here. 

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