17 November 2011

Newcross' Modern Ducking Stall Punishment

ducking stool

Legend has it that the Newcross Berry Pomeroy duck pond is haunted. Haunted by who? By the ghosts of gossips or "public scolds" who were publicly humiliated by the ancient "ducking stall" punishment. In ancient times those who were accused of being gossips used to be punished by sitting in the ducking stall and being repeatedly dunked in the water of the pond.

In a modern twist on Friday, in aid of Children in Need, the two Newcross Head Office staff who have been deemed to talk the most will be undergoing a modern form of the ducking stall punishment.

Communications officer, James Brooks and Network Manager, James Woulfe, will be taking to a precarious inflatable boat and rowing in the bitterly cold haunted pond. Onlookers consisting of Newcross staff and local residents will then have the opportunity to purchase rotten tomatoes (in aid of Children in Need) to throw at the accused with the hope of capsizing the pair's vessel.

James Brooks commented:

As communications officer for Newcross, spreading Newcross gossip is my job, so I can't help that I talk a lot! However, I am more than happy to take a dip in the cold and spooky pond to raise money for a fantastic cause. I am sure that it is going to cause a lot of excitement in the village.

The public humiliation will begin at 12 noon on Friday 18th November at the Newcross Head Office in Berry Pomeroy. All are welcome to come along and participate in this exciting public event.