03 January 2018

Apprentices Assemble: Meet our latest recruits

What’s not to love about Apprenticeships? New staff get the chance to gain valuable qualifications within a work-based training programme…and earn a salary. Management Development Specialist, Ole Dodwell explains why Newcross continues to invest in Apprentices and introduces some of our latest recruits.

"Apprenticeships are an increasingly key part of our skills strategy and I think we’ve got a great track record for hiring and developing apprentices. When you look across the Newcross network, from Inverness to Truro, there are rising stars around the organisation who begun their careers as apprentices. Training within the business environment is unique. There are things that you simply can’t learn in an academic environment and this is especially true within healthcare what’s particularly gratifying is that our apprentices are placed in a wide range of roles, spanning technology, finance and frontline care teams. Our latest round of recruits is no exception."

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of our new apprentices as they continue to develop their skills and learn more about the company.