30 June 2017

Behind the Scenes with Complex Care Healthcare Assistant Marta

Originally from Poland, Marta Maroszek, now aged 36, travelled to the United Kingdom in 2006 and settled here and began an unexpected healthcare career. Currently working for the Bristol Complex Care Team Marta shares her experience from her healthcare career.

Marta, tell us about your healthcare career?

I was thrown in the deep end in a very busy and large nursing environment. Before I knew I was working hard towards my diplomas and found great satisfaction in this field. I progressed through Residential and Care Setting, specialising in management of Health and Safety at work, gaining knowledge in nutrition and health, then successfully certified with the Apprenticeship Diploma in Team Leadership in Business.

Why did you chose Newcross?

I felt I have achieved a lot by now in Adult care and wished to transfer my skills somewhere else. An opportunity to work with young people at Mendip YMCA came along. Friends and co-workers complimented on my caring nature therefore I started considering working with clients in Complex Care field and responded to the Newcross Bristol Branch advertisement online. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to use my experience, skills, knowledge and passion for care.

My career with Newcross started and I could not be more proud to work for such a fantastic care provider. I felt really privileged to be chosen from so many applicants. I was greeted with a smile and professionalism, and made very welcomed.

Newcross team works extremely hard whether is the Complex Care, Establishment team or Central Support. In this extremely busy environment they still find the strength to ensure you are treated as if you are the most important person in the universe. There is always someone on the other end of the phone with helpful advice. No job is too big for any of the members. I can always rely on

Newcross to solve any issues and help to overcome obstacles. I was extremely confident that I made the right choice to find employment here; with the team of very professional, happy people who are always so flexible to your needs and wants. 

Tell us a bit about your role?

I provide care support mainly through the night, which can be challenging itself. Add the pressure of responsibility to support and monitor individuals with very complex needs, and you may experience very stressful and challenging times at work. Let me just say that it is all worth it and it is very rewarding to know you have been trusted to carry out the duties. It fills you with joy to hear from the families who are impressed with your performance.

What motivates you?

Any obstacle, issue or challenge becomes nothing but a learning curve at this point, because you know you have conquered sometimes your most difficult part of night/day. I think this is what motivates me and I’m sure it does most of the care assistants (little heroes). The sense of achievement, pride and joy whether you fixed the peg machine, successfully contribute to one’s dietary needs or revived someone back to life. That’s what healthcare is all about, contribution to making an individual’s life that little bit better and more comfortable, to relieve some of the pressure for the families that are already working way too hard, to be part of Newcross Healthcare Solutions.

What is your proudest moment?

It is almost impossible to pick one proud moment from your average working day/night because every single minute; whether it’s easy, hard, challenging or sometimes unpleasant makes you feel like a million dollars when you are acknowledged by the fabulous team and ever so thankful families in the community. This is the motivation that will forever push you to do more and do the impossible.

Stephanie Lansdown, Bristol Complex Care Manager, said, “Marta is a fantastic carer and a very loyal employee. We have had lovely feedback about how considerate, caring and committed Marta is to Newcross, and the clients she helps. She promotes Newross values of honesty, communication and commitment and we really look forward to seeing Marta when she comes into branch to visit us."

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