06 October 2017

Cardiff BCM to Donate Cuddly Toy Collection to People Living With Dementia


Cardiff Business Centre Manager Nicola Murphy will be bringing happiness to people living with dementia by donating her impressive collection of cuddly toys to a number of care homes.

Nicola has amassed a collection of 300 cuddly toys over the course of her 37 years, and every one of them has a personal story behind them. We asked Nicola a few questions about her plan.

What was the inspiration for your decision to donate your collection?

“Every one of them is important to me, and I’m emotionally attached to all of them. They all have a backstory, and each has their own name. Unfortunately, my husband has complained that they take up too much space so rather then throw them away I have decided to donate them to a worthy cause.”

What Inspired you to donate them to clients with Dementia?

“I recently visited a client called Bertha and on a whim decided to bring one of the cuddly toys with me. At seeing the toy (a cuddly monkey), Bertha’s eyes lit up, and she was instantly attached to it. She renamed the monkey Wallace after her husband. Seeing how happy she was with the toy it convinced me to donate the rest of my collection and bring happiness to Dementia patients. Since then I have joined my other Newcross colleagues in the Dementia Friends programme.”

What're your next steps?

Well, I still have 299 cuddly toys to donate, and I will be charting how that goes via social media. Every toy has a story as does every person with Dementia. I hope to raise awareness of Dementia and to encourage others to become Dementia Friends. Visiting the care homes and their residents is also great for business relations as the homes see that we at Newcross care about the well-being of clients.

If you would like to offer your support to Nicola, you can contact her at -  Nicola.murphy@newcrosshealthcare.com

To follow the progress of Nicola’s cuddly toy donation story keep an eye on our social media channels. To sign up to become a Dementia Friend, visit: https://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/