22 January 2019

Care providers nationwide endorse Newcross Healthcare

In September 2018, we launched an embedded feature within our HealthForceGo® app, enabling clients the option to rate the care provided by our healthcare staff at the end of a shift. This gives Newcross Healthcare feedback and insight into how 7,000 healthcare professionals are performing across the country. 

Over 144,000 completed shifts were rated by our clients over the past 4 months, of which an impressive 97% were rated as 'Great'.  

In the rare occurrence that a 'Not Good' rating is received, branch managers are instantly notified by an alert which will then followed up with both the client and the staff member. 

CEO Stephen Pattrick commented:

"This is wonderful yet unsurprising news. I believe we have the best healthcare staff working with us, to which these endorsements are a testament.

"This rating follows other recent impressive Newcross News. In a recent employee survey, 92% of current healthcare staff confirmed that they would recommend working for Newcross to a friend. 

"We have exhibited impressive 18% year-on-year client growth and more clients are choosing Newcross than ever before. We are able to provide  healthcare staff to this increasing number of clients due to the excellence of our recruiting system, hiring and supporting the best, clinically astute people who take pride in delivering care excellence."

The new year has seen an unprecedented increase in new job applications, with Newcross looking to recruit a further 3000 healthcare and nursing staff this year. 

What do Newcross Healthcare staff benefit from? 

- Excellent rates of pay 

- Ongoing training

  • In the 12 months from end Oct 2018, Newcross Healthcare delivered 1800 clinical courses on over 100 different subjects to over 12000 staff, some attending multiple courses, paid through credits earned by working. 

- Immediate support from Clinical Governance

  • Help is also only a phone call away, should staff need any guidance. 

- Fast-payment app feature 

  •  Flexi Pay allows staff to receive an advance of up to 50% of money earned during completed shifts if they so wish.

  •  We've implemented a tool within our healthcare app which allows for a mass-scale advancement of pay on the subsequent payslips of HealthForceGo® users. Up to 50% of pay from a completed shift can be accessed.

  • Recent stats show that 40% of the Newcross Healthcare team utilise Flexi Pay.

- Perks at Work

  • Our employees have access to Perks at Work, which offers 30,000 discounts at around 80 high street retailers.

  • Newcross staff have already saved £10,000 thanks to Perks at Work in the past month. 

CEO Stephen Pattrick concluded:

"We are excited about introducing additional benefits and initiatives to both clients and staff in the coming months."

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