15 June 2017

Carers Week Special - Anne-Marie Embarks on her 500th Shift

About to embark on her momentous 500th shift, Anne-Marie Glover is a HCA in Newcastle who has been with Newcross for nearly 3 years. We find out what it means to Anne-Marie to be a carer and what Newcross does for her.

Anne-Marie, what made you choose healthcare?

I decided when I was a young teenager of about 18 to work in healthcare, when I was at school I used to visit a lonely elderly lady as part of a school programme to help her keep in contact with the outside world from her bungalow. When the lady sadly died I realised then how much I enjoyed visiting her, so it was after that I decided to go onto care work.  

Take us through an average working day?

My average working day entails getting up very early in the morning and changing into my uniform or other work clothes, I leave in plenty time to get to work for 8 am. Once at work I report to the person in charge and introduce myself. If it's a new place I haven't been to before I make sure I let the staff know as sometimes staff don't always realise and think I know where things are kept such as bed linen. I then assist with the service users’ personal care, serving meals, make beds, answer buzzes, help with feeding service users who are unable to feed themselves.

Throughout the day I will assist staff with moving and handling service users safely with the aids of hoists and stand aids. Then I assist with whatever task the permanent staff request me to do, it's nice when they on rare occasions ask me to be involved with assisting with their activities as I used to do this in my first care job. I know that keeping the mind active with the elderly can help slow down any dementia they might have if in the early stages. 

Later on through the day I may be asked to assist with showers, baths and assisting anyone who may want to go to bed or who needs bed rest before going home at 8pm. It is also extremely important to keep up any documentation on the service users’ progress who I have cared for.

Why work for Newcross over any other healthcare provider?

I chose to work for Newcross in February 2014 as I was sadly made redundant from my last job in care. Newcross looked like an interesting company to work for with lots of prospects of strengthening the care skills I already have, and learning new skills along the way.

What is your proudest moment at work?

The proudest moment for me in care is when I make the service users look clean and tidy and presentable ready for their visitors. Also doing my job as quickly and effectively as possible, but also without cutting corners.

How do you keep motivated?

The thing that motivates me is keeping my personal development skills up to date, so I keep up with doing my job properly to the best of my ability. As well as knowing the important laws about safeguarding, food nutrition, and equality and diversity, as well as all of the other mandatory training which comes with the job. I find it is also good to learn extras such as Makaton.

 Who would you say you look up to?

I look up to everyone who works in care agencies, from the HCAs and SWs (Support Workers) to the staff who work in the offices such as admin, care coordinators and of course our managers, as we all have our individual roles to play. But at the same time we all have to work together as a team to keep Newcross’ great reputation for the clients and service users.

I feel very proud to work for Newcross, they have the best personal development programme in place.

Finally, I would like to add that I look up to our Newcross Nurses also, I think they do an amazing job and are equally a valuable part of our Newcross team as everyone else.


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