06 March 2018

Central Recruitment relocate

On the 5th of January we announced the proposed relocation of our Central Recruitment function from our Head Office in Berry Pomeroy, Devon to our Bristol offices. Since then, we've spoken to representatives, teams and individuals who have been given the opportunity to share their ideas, suggestions and views. 

The Central Recruitment Team were saddened at the prospect of this move, and the subsequent end of Central Recruitment at our Head Office. However, they could understand the rationale and recognised the benefits to the organisation. The Central Recruitment Team have been fundamental in the extraordinary growth of Newcross over recent years. Naturally, the prospect of losing colleagues who are unable to relocate to Bristol, saddens us all. 

Co-founder and CEO Stephen Pattrick visited Head Office in Berry Pomeroy on Monday the 29th to address the team, answer any questions and thank the team for their contribution. On Monday 5th, after 30 days of consultation, the proposal to move the Central Recruitment Team from Berry Pomeroy to Bristol has been confirmed. 

We have given ongoing support to the whole team including help with job searches and CV writing.  A number of the team have already secured new employment, and many more have interviews lined up. 

Central Recruitment Assistant Manager Kelly Gaffney will be supporting the training and recruitment of a new team in Bristol, commencing this week and advertising for members of the new Central Recruitment Team has begun.

The new Central Recruitment Team will be based in Colston Tower, Bristol and be open 8am till 8pm, 7 days a week. The transition move to Bristol has begun and a full handover is likely to be complete by the end of April. We have made rigorous plans to unsure services we provide to our applicants are maintain throughout this transition period. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Jennings, Central Recruitment Manager and the whole of the Central Recruitment Team for their contribution, dedication and hard work over the years.