09 November 2018

Central Recruitment Team Leader, Kim Urwin-Nash, to run Marathon for Dog Charity, Harley's Heroes


Central Recruitment Team Leader, Kim Urwin-Nash, is running a marathon for a small charity, Harley's Heroes. Harley's Heroes send gifts to dogs with terminal illnesses and advise their owners on treatment options. Kim spoke with us about how she's preparing for her marathon and why the charity is so special to her. Here's what she had to say about the fundraiser...

 How have you prepared for your marathon? Are you nervous?

"I have only recently signed up for the marathon. I am in the gym every morning on the treadmill about 4:30am before I walk my dogs, and do my long runs on my days off. I have done four half marathons and one fifty mile non stop hike in Dartmoor which took 22.5 hours! I am currently half marathon ready so each week I will be upping my lengths by one mile, this weekend I will do eleven miles next weekend twelve until I have done the full marathon before I actually do it.

I am nervous, yes, a month ago I had to leave the gym with chest pains, I have had a lot of tests done on my heart as I have heart disease in my family, they gave me the all clear so in celebration I booked the marathon.

One thing I am nervous about is when doing it getting to the thirteen mile mark and thinking, "Oh my goodness! this is two half marathons in one!"

Can you tell us a bit about who you're raising money for and the sort of work they do?

"I am raising money for a tiny charity called Harley's Heroes, they are a fantastic little charity who support owners of dogs with cancer. They are only on Facebook at the minute. hen they hear of a dog with cancer they contact the owner, offer support and also send the dog a 'smile in a box' which is a box full of donated treats and toys. They stay in close contact with the owner and offer financial support for vet bills. Everything is very personal."

Can you give us a bit of background as to why the charity is personally important to you? 

"My dog Tan was diagnosed with lymphoma in May 2016. I was devastated! She was given 6-10 weeks to live without treatment, or at least 6 months with treatment, I took her for her chemo every 3 weeks for 16 months, chemo is very expensive, with the treatment and also a few out of hours visits when Tan was not well I was paying on average about £350-£400 a month but she was worth every penny!

I made her story very public as a lot of people don't realise dogs can have chemo and that it can actually give them a longer good quality life if they take well to it, about 9 months into her cancer battle I posted a video of her running around in a field to show how well she was doing on a facebook dog community, I had a message from a lovely lady called Cassie telling me about her charity Harley's heroes and she wanted to send Tan a gift, I accepted the gift and Cassie kept in constant touch with me, giving me advise (her dog had passed away of cancer which inspired her to start Harleys Heroes).

I now consider her a friend and even though Tan passed away September 2017 I speak to Cassie regularly and she does talk about Tan to new owners that has had their dog diagnosed with cancer, especially when it's lymphoma she tells them how well Tan did and it really give them hope."

Good luck Kim! We look forward to seeing a photograph of you at the finish line. If you'd like to help Kim by donating, you can do so by following this link.