14 December 2018

Central Support and Central Recruitment donate dress-down Friday fund to a Bristol homeless charity

Over the past few months, Central Recruitment and Central Support have been doing 'dress down Fridays', donating £1 each for every Friday they have worn casual clothes into work in the Bristol office. 

They have decided to spend the proceeds on care packages for Bristol's homeless.

Central Recruitment Team Leader, Kim Urwin-Nash, told us,

"On 27th September, Head of Contact Centre, Anita Yandell-Jones, sent an email out to advise we were going to start doing dress down Fridays, and that we could dress down if we gave £1. It was eventually decided we would give the money to buy the homeless warm clothes as the winter was fast approaching.

I have been collecting the money for both sides each week, CS and CR, and we raised £250! Yesterday Sophie from CS and I went shopping in St Peter's Hospice and bought loads of coats, jumpers, jeans, scarves, hats, and boots, and then went on to Primark where we bought underwear, socks, toiletries, and more wooly hats. Me and Freddie bought food from our local shops - non-perishables. 

Today, Juri, Kelly and I went to Caring in Bristol, a homeless shelter and dropped all the donations off to some very grateful staff. We will carry on doing dress down Friday paying £1 and in a few months, we will donate to another charity.

It's great that both CS and CR have come together to give to charity, it has been a total team effort!"

This Christmas, Caring in Bristol will deliver their annual Caring at Christmas project, providing crucial support to those experiencing homelessness in Bristol over the festive period.

Congratulations to Central Support and Central Recruitment!